About Coir

It’s no secret that Black women have always had issues with their hair and society has given us several reasons to change it. This platform represents quite the opposite.

At Coir Living, you will be empowered with all the right reasons to embrace every kink, fro, nap and curl.

It is a community that celebrates the bold exhibitions of natural Afro textures in a way that makes people with Eurocentric beauty standards cringe, black women feel inspired and just about everyone else in awe.

So no matter where you are, or how far along you are on your journey, or even if you are on a journey at all; whether relaxed or transitioning, a newly natural or a more seasoned natural; you will be supported and guided along the way.

Having gone through all these stages myself, I cant wait to share all my discoveries with you, as I am still learning new ones everyday.

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