6 Month Protective Style Challenge

Happy New Year Coir Heads!
Welcome to 2018!!!
I know you are all familiar with The ” I will lose weight and …  I will stop smoking and…  I will save more and spend… ” resolutions frequently made at this time of the year. In fact, they are all listed as the top 10 most broken new year resolutions!
I myself have made some new year resolutions, but what I also included is my New Hair Resolutions!
New Hair resolutions are personal goals you have for your hair.
Heading the list is to maintain and retain hair length as much as it is possible.
So if you still have not yet achieved your ultimate hair length goal. This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Join in on my six (6) month Protective Style Challenge. 
It is quite simple, here is how you do it.
For six months, style your hair ONLY using protective styles. You can plan ahead by organizing the styles you plan to do and the duration for which you plan on wearing it. However, just in case you are as indecisive as I am and this planning ahead idea won’t work, you can definitely opt to decide on your styles as you go. I know that it can be really difficult for us to arrive at a decision concerning hairstyles. So like I said, either option is fine.
The #6MPSC will also give you the opportunity to give your hair break from all hassling and hackling from daily manipulation.
The aim really is to maximize your length retention potential. So the less manipulation done to your hair the more likely you’ll be able to see noticeable length retention.
Follow us on Instagram and share your pictures with the hairstyle of choice and the monthly length check updates using the #6MPSC.

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  1. XOXO Rella says:

    will be joining in on this challenge starting next week

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