Stick to the Basics – Moisturizing (Part I)

With an increasing amount of products on the market for natural hair, it can be very overwhelming for you to decide what product or product line to purchase. I know it can be a great task and half, especially if you are a newly natural or if you have not yet settled on a regimen. I have considered all of this and came up with the best possible solution. Why don’t you just stick to the basics?

I have created a three part series targeting the basic requirements of the natural hair (moisture, cleansing, and styling) and simple ingredients to achieve them. I will kick off the series with what I believe is the MOST important component:


We should all know by now that natural hair is highly prone to drying and as result, we need to combat it with moisture (water). Yes, water, because I know that it is a popular belief that in order to get rid of dryness you must plaster your hair with oils. This is a definite no, no. Oils, as it relates to moisture are mostly used for sealing moisture (water) in the hair, thus helping with moisture retention, as well as adding shine and luster. Different oils have different properties and may have a number of other benefits that may also be very beneficial to hair’s health.

Now the most popular and simple moisture retention methods are the LCO / LOC method (L- Liquid/Leave-in, O-Oil, and C-Cream). Decide which of the methods works best for you and apply a product for each with one of my recommend basics listed below.

  1. Shea – butter (whipped or hard)
  2. Water – (distilled or purified/ soft
  3. Oil – (extra virgin/coconut/ sweet almond oilimage1.PNG

So just before you go out spending a lot of money on products that you don’t need. Try starting with the basics. Then carefully start to introduce one product at a time to see how well it fits in your regime and see if it enhances the overall health and look of your hair. So there! Go ahead and try it.

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  1. kadeem says:

    Good job!


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